Tips for Planning Your Next Business Blog

In Blogging by Tomothy Cole

If one of the things you want is a new business blog, it is important to plan for it so that you can help yourself find even more success. If you don’t know how to do that and have got a few minutes, you can begin your education right now. Blogs that aren’t structured and organized won’t ever realize any actual success or profit. So do not forget to take this step–it is far easier than you probably think it is. We have three great tips to help you plan your blog so it makes money and is easier to manage.

If you do not have a lot of finances to work with, using a free blog theme is usually what most people choose to use. You should know that a free theme is not your best choice, even though it doesn’t cost any money. If you can find a theme that gets a lot of updates, and is high quality, it’s really not worth using one otherwise. Premium themes are the best way to go even though they will cost you a little bit of money.

You’ll need to choose a theme unless you want to use the default WordPress theme or one that is not WordPress. It’s important that you learn how to use themes, at least have a basic understanding of how to work with them. You can begin researching themes to use after you get a better idea of how to use them.

The structure of your blog should be organized in regard to categories as well. These will be the categories you’ll have on your business blog. Anyone that is new to Internet marketing, or building blogs, should understand the following concepts. Most blogs use a right sidebar, and you’ll see the blog categories in the sidebar regardless of which side its on. This structure has to be there for the blog to work properly. If you’re not sure where the category topics come from, they’re based on keyword phrases. The primary phrase or keyword related to the site is where you will derive the secondary keyword phrases. You’ll need to research the secondary phrases for monthly volume and competition – if that matters to you.

It is common for people to build a blog, and then monetize it later. In reality, this is not a good business practice, and you should do your best to approach this the right way. Regardless of what type of blog you are making, monetizing your blog is something that should be a primary focus.

What you are selling needs to be promoted in your blog using the content that you write and publish. Your blog simply needs to have many ways to pull in money. This means multiple monetization strategies like selling your own product or contextual ads. Where you get into trouble is placing too many ads, and Google will think you are over monetizing. There are other reasons to keep monetization to a minimum and it has to do with ad clutter which is poor usability. When you’re still in the throes of the early planning stages, you have plenty of time to ensure that all of the details are perfect before you publish anything to the Internet. The thing you need to avoid is the need to redo things over and over again on your blog because you keep finding better ways of doing things.