How to Make On Page SEO Work for You

In Business by Tomothy Cole

Of course it does not help matters to know that your best efforts with SEO can be for naught after another algorithm change. You cannot ignore the importance of all your on-page optimization just so you have more fire-power. Without focusing your efforts on improving your on page SEO, it won’t help even if you do extensive link building; so you need to work on your site’s on page SEO first, before going to the off page stuff. Today’s article will begin to lay a foundation for your on-page factors, and you really should not ignore them.

Maybe the most important things you need to focus on are the keyword phrases that you want to target. To get on page SEO to truly work to your advantage it is vital that you know which keywords you’re going to go after. You need to put in some research time and figure out the keywords that you are going to go with. You don’t have to spend a ton of money buying high tech keyword mining keywords. The free ones, like the “Google Keyword Tool” and you will be fine. Make sure the keyword you’re choosing doesn’t have high competition. You want it to bring in a bunch of traffic too. It’s so much easier to get good results from your on page optimization when you discover one of these keywords.

The permalink structure of your site is something you can’t ignore. So you know that this is all about SEO, and that will add a little more to your overall score. Once again we have to talk about the usability of your site which does include your site page URLs, etc. Search engines want to serve the right information to their users, so it’s obvious that they will look at factors from a human point of view. Your WordPress panel will have a little tab where you can structure your permalinks the way you want them.

Unless your site is specific to images, then you should not have a ton of them hogging up your bandwidth. Graphics and pictures can drag your site speed down a lot if you are not careful, and that is an SEO penalty. The maximum number of images that you should have on your page is ten, and not more than that. In relation to SEO, Google is getting highly particular about the speed of a page, and they’re weighing the speed as a ranking factor. Be sure you get more educated about this SEO parameter and all you can do about it that will help you. Check out for more business tips.

All those who use SEO in their business, and who are doing well, will tell you that the on-page aspect matters very much. SEO is certainly not for everybody because it takes time to give results. If you can be patient and persevere in your efforts, then welcome to the world of free, targeted traffic for life. So go out and begin learning more because this is not all there is to it by any stretch.