Top 10 benefits of digital marketing

In Benefits of digital marketing by Tomothy Cole

For more than half a century, consumer’s media consumption was dominated by offline media. Today, more than half the media we consume comes through digital channels. Reaching consumers through offline Media have several advantages over traditional Cost channels. Firm’s ability to target specific consumers has significantly increased. For example, a cloth retailer can advertise his products only to those people who have visited his store. Digital marketing is about reaching your customers at the right time. Online, it is possible to track individual customers across time and even across various devices. Here are some of the benefits digital marketing offers than traditional marketing.

Target customers.

One of the benefits of digital marketing is that A firm can view the number of people visiting their site in real-time. They also get information such as the age, sex, location of the people who access their homepage. This way, the firm gets to specialize their products in such a way to reach out to their target customers. Digital marketing helps to study the taste and preference of their customers, and they can make target groups accordingly. When you advertise a product through offline media, you have no idea about the people who have viewed the ad. Online media in this way, give a feedback.

Two-way conversation.

You can contact your customers anytime! A two-way communication seems more comfortable through digital marketing. All the information regarding the product is available online. Through the navigation facilities, it is possible to track the product online. The real-time of the products travel route and time of dispatch are all updated efficiently. The customer and the firm need not bother each other through a lot of calls and texts. In case the customer is not satisfied with the product, he/she has the option of returning the product in exchange for the product of their choice!

Cost effective.

Digital Marketing is cost useful in a lot of ways. Both for the firm and the customers. The customers can avoid transportation cost and can view their required products online. Here, they compare the products, read feedbacks, and check the product rating before a purchase is made. A search made in the search engine is free of cost. In traditional Medias such as television, radios and newspapers, an ad costs too much. It is a short-term investment that is made. If a person does not require the particular product at the given time, it is difficult for him to save the reference for later use. Digital promotion is a long time investment. The ad stays for a longer time and can be viewed by people who would require the product at a later stage. The return on investment is higher for digital marketing.